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We have currently sold out of Playplax.  It has been a roller coaster - and we'll update the website on future plans.


"Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the spatial construction game Play Plax.  It was one of those toys that my two sisters and I were given as birthday or Christmas presents, and we always used to argue about who would get to play with it first.    What I like about Play Plax is that it is very colourful .... it's also very 1970's and beautifully designed.  It's like an architecture kit for kids.  I used to have endless hours of fun making these giant constructions, particularly towers, which I would build as high as possible before one of my sisters would come along and casually knock it down.  Then of course we would always fight. That's why I love Play Plax so much.  It is a strange mix of nostalgia coupled with the free reign of my childhood imagination.  In this age of Game Boys and the X-Box I believe creative simplicity is sometimes the best solution."


Rachel Whiteread (Another Magazine)