About PlayPlax


Invented by Patrick Rylands in 1966, PlayPlax went on to sell over a million copies. 


Patrick was an art student when he first came up with the concept of these brilliant interlocking squares. When we decided to bring it back we knew one thing - it had to be as good as the original.


We found and used the factory in Cheshire who used to make it. They still had the dye recipes which meant we could perfectly reproduce the beautiful colours. Although they look like perspex, the pieces are actually made of polystyrene.  


The box was designed in London by Webb & Webb and is made in Leicestershire. We are incredibly proud of this new edition and hope you love it as much as we do.


Patrick went on to win many awards and invent many other toys although he may always be best known for this, his first. PlayPlax is in the permanent collection of the V & A and demonstrates perfectly that the best toys are the simplest. It is now stocked in the V & A shop - very fitting!


In June 2014, the Guardian interviewed Patrick about his life in toys.



And a quick word about Snatch, the first game we brought out...

This fantastic game takes seconds to learn, about 20 minutes to play (so you can fit in as few or as many rounds as you like) and has a devoted following. In a nutshell, words are made and snatched by players: You make cat, another player shouts cart. Only to have the word taken as track seconds later. 3 players are needed but there is no maximum – play with whoever can fit round the table. Mince to cinema is a demon snatch.